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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Freelance manga and mecha artist.

Been really busy with real-life stuffs, with job search first, and now working on my getting into a graduate program. Left me with little time and/or motivation for general art for quite some time. I've been mostly studying for my GRE amongst other things for the past few months, but that exam is now done with some decent scores. I'm mostly just getting the art portfolio I'll need for the Biomedical Visualization graduate program and I'll be free for art - I plan on getting all this done and apply by the end of this week or early next week.

That said, I'll be opening for commissions again. By 12/25 I should have warmed up enough to get back into regular art-making. It also gives plenty of time to think of what you want and to collect any references you may need. Please refer to the sections below for more information about payment, and types of commissions, as I've diversified quite a bit since the last time I wrote a commission journal.

I only accept Payments made via paypal using USD currency (no potatoes, promises of marriage to your daughter, or bartering souls of the damned). All my pricing is listed in USD, so you'll have to do the conversion if you are on another currency.

My payment address is:

Be sure to include your information when making a payment so to minimize the chance that any mix-up will occur:
:bulletgreen: State your name (and DA-account name) in which you contacted me for the commission.
:bulletgreen: What your commission was on (i.e. "Busty maid beating up jelly monsters")

You need not pay until I've committed to a finalized rough sketch from which you have checked and gave me a green light to finish. I will not give your the finalized commission until I've been paid in full. These terms seem very fair to me.

Contact me via DA Note system

1) There aren't many subjects I won't draw, other than the one's I've listed. However, know that I am not certainly not proficient at drawing everything, I'll let you know if something is outside my field of professional comfort. Refer to the list below for things I will definitely NOT do:

:bulletgreen: Loli/shotacon or any pedo-ness.
:bulletgreen: Guro.
:bulletgreen: Ponies or other forms of animal-fuckery.
:bulletgreen: Any other commonly obscene content such as sexual violence, ideologically insensitive material, or grotesque body exaggerations/distortion (you know what I mean).

1) I prefer to draw original characters, especially those that requires a design to be fleshed our or created. I will draw fanart, however, if the content being suggested is interesting enough. Fan-characters (or in the case for mecha, fan-made mechs) are perfectly acceptable if the design must be original enough to pass for your own IP. (For the love of god, no rainbow-colored X/Zero-clones, please!)

3) Everything I draw can and will only be drawn in my own style; generally in anime/manga style. If you're looking for a person to make you a official-style looking piece of art, then you're probably looking at the wrong person for the job.

4) No refunds will be given once you have looked at the sketch, gave the green-light, and I complete the commission. I will correct any small mistakes during the inking process free of charge, as I'm a born nitpick when it comes to my stuff, so you needn't worry about blatant mistakes being overlooked. I will also make small changes to your commission if a complete redone is not necessary.

5) Unless we've previously established business transactions, I will only accept 3 commissions per person, max. Those that have worked with me extensively in the past is not subject to this rule.

6) I prefer to be paid 1 commission at a time. This is both more convenient for me, and most likely you as well should either one of us decide to drop out for whatever reason. Be sure to check the sketch prior to giving me a green light, as it will make it more convenient for the both of us.

I will, on occasion, go Livestream my commissions. If you wish to watch and comment during your commission to give me more specific direction, you'll need to tell me ahead of time. This isn't going to cost you anything, but obviously I have to work it into my normal Livestream schedule. It's done specifically for your convenience. If for some reason you want your streaming to be private, that is also doable - in which case we can do Google+ Chat or something.

Everything I do will be digital, done at 300-600 DPI depending on the need. You are free to request a torso-only commission, although be aware that I generally do full-body and it's not going to cost you anything extra to get the full body. Refer below for the types of commission I do and their price.

I do not usually do any backgrounds. I'm neither terribly proficient at BGs nor do I have the patience in most instances. However, if you MUST have a background for your piece, we can discuss any addition cost privately. This obviously depend on how complicated it's going to be and what not.

Normal Commissions:

Any non-mecha/building will fall into this category. Refer to the examples:

:bulletgreen: Sketch only: $10.00
Weekend Waifu Drawthread 1-3 by AmuscariaSome character designs by Amuscaria

:bulletgreen: Line Art only: $25.00
NH Commission - Final Set WIP by AmuscariaNew Horizon Commission Set 10 by Amuscaria

:bulletgreen: Line + Shading (Toning/Ink): $35.00
GLaDOS-tan by AmuscariaDual-Scythe Ninja-Girl Commission by Amuscaria

:bulletgreen: Full Color (Simple coloring): $45.00
Diablo 3 Girls (WIP) by Amuscaria

:bulletgreen: Full Color (Fancy coloring): $65.00
New Horizon Character - Complete by AmuscariaTera/Tryxie - ver.2014 by AmuscariaKill la Kill - Tensa Senketsu by Amuscaria
Mecha Commissions:

Anything that is a drawing or a machine, giant robot, airplane or car, etc:

:bulletgreen: Sketch only: $20.00
Car Sketches. by AmuscariaBattlemech - Halberd v2 by Amuscaria

:bulletgreen: Line Art Only: $50.00
Mechs - 2011-2012 set 1 - Update 1 by Amuscaria

:bulletgreen: Line + Shading (Toning): $60.00
(Currently unavailable) - closed

:bulletgreen: Full Color (Cell Shade ): $100.00
(Currently unavailable) - closed

:bulletgreen: Full Color (Fancy coloring): $150.00
(Currently unavailable) - closed

Building/Structure Commissions:
-Currently not open-
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