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June 1, 2009
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Battletech - More mechs. by Amuscaria Battletech - More mechs. by Amuscaria
Another set of mechs i finished today. Most of these are just my practices, but the "Catapult" is for the 3063 TRO. Redraw the "Catapult" to make it look more like the official one - egg with legs. Over all design came out fat and cute, but still much better than the taller sketch i made earlier, i think. The first mech, far left, is the redesign of the 3055 "Dart" i did weeks ago. The other two are my own designs, the Apophis redesign and a new one; the "Revenant". Yes the "Revenant" is indeed based on doom 2's revenant. :D

Type: "Apophis"
Technology Base: Clan Omnimech
Tonnage: 70 ton

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel - 3.5 tons
Engine: 350 XL - 15 tons
-Walking MP: 5 (54 kph)
-Running MP: 8 (86 kph)
-Jumping MP: 5 (150 meters)
Heatsinks: 10[20] - 0 tons
Gyro: 4 tons
Cockpit: 3 tons
Armor Factor: (Ferro-Fibrous-Clan) - 202 - 10.5 tons

Lrg. Pulse Laser: RA - 6 tons
3 Med. Pulse Lasers: LA - 6 tons
ER Med. Lasers: LT/RT - 2 tons
ATM-9: LT/RT - 10 tons
-ammo: 14 - LT/RT - 2 tons
-ammo: 7 - CT - 1 ton
BAP: CT - 1 ton
Jumpjet: LT/CT/RT/LL/RL - 5 tons

Type: "Revenant"
Technology Base: Inner Sphere
Tonnage: 30 ton

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel - 1.5 tons
Engine: 210 XL - 4.5 tons
-Walking MP: 7 (75.6 kph)
-Running MP: 11 (118.8 kph)
-Jumping MP: 0 (0 meters)
Heatsinks: 10 - 0 tons
Gyro: 3 tons
Cockpit: 3 tons
Armor Factor: (Ferro-Fibrous-IS) - 108 - 6 tons

Streak SRM 4: LT/RT - 6 tons
-ammo: 25 - LT/RT - 2 tons
Med. X-Pulse Laser: LA - 2 tons
Hatchet: RA - 2 tons
Battletech and original 'mechs(c) Wizkids
Catapult-Custom (c) :iconcenturion13:
Other Mechs (c) me :D
Art and design by me.
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inrepose Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Very nice really like the chunky funky look to the catapult.
LightDemonCodeH Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2009
Catapult looks the Robocop destroyer from Robocop 2.
Gundam-Chief Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
Exellent job. I love your style and hope to see a old style Warhammer eventually.
Rhythm-Wily Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
I envy your level of detail. Amazing stuff.
Ocelit Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
the apophis
Man Base config is so inefficient.
always has been.
*sigh* i remember when we invaded the Innersphere...

Basic omni pod configs still were unreliable. one guy with a reliable erppc or two and from like a kilometer away poof there goes ur arm 10 if not 100's of thousands of dollars laying on the floor usless... then they always put all my ammo in my L/R torso... sure one IS hit and if ur engine not hit and over heating the its ur ammo and kiss ur ass good-bye.

(I is of Clan Wolf, or was as the cases may be)
Amuscaria Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no idea what you mean. o_o
Ocelit Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist

I was playing Mechwarrior and Battletech via the miniatures when 3050 was still a new release (the tech read out not the comp game)

All clan omni-mechs is/was based on omnipod tech that alowed faster altering of config and repairs because it was a simple case of adding and removing pod instead of integrated equipment.

Well thats all fine and dandy the allocation of parts on your Internal Structure always had Primary Energy weapons on the arms which honestly get sheared of so quickly its sad. And the most dangerous thing you have in a mech is ammo which if hit pretty much toasts your mech, this sad monkey has lost too many that way.

And then theres weapon load outs for versatility... I mean come on... if it miniatures scrap the 3 med pulse take another large and trash the 2 er med toss on 2 mor dbl H-sinks.

If its pc, trash it all and take two ER L-lasers and the rest in heat sinks and set them as separate groups and alternate between them you can keep a steady stream of beams over a click away with out over heating.

>.> sorry that was way indepth and lengthy i work on a mac now so no Mechs for me T.T it got bottled up
Amuscaria Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm guessing you're going to tell me how the Madcat and Vulture sucks too because you don't like how their weapons are placed? :D
Ocelit Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
umm >.>
senior Timberwolf pilot here
err, mad cat, u inner sphere junkie =P

I believe the timberwolf is one of the best chassis offering high speed, armor and a good weapons plat form... vulture is also kinda the same boat but better as a archer variant. I think the ammo is best stored in the CT cause if it is destroyed ur toast any way.

But yes i hate the weapon placement.
In the video games there so static (and the hit boxes oi!) when really they'd be much more difficult to hit in real life *cough*
in the table top ppl load out there mech's specs to shear off a L/R torso in one or two rounds using targeting computers. so again the arm is pointless almost.
In a real life or at least real life emulating sim pod u could melee with them with would be good. I think i would develop a ER-PPC with a lance like covering so i could stab and the fire ._o

but between the missiles and the arm weapons... yea, i always customize my walking hearse.
xTacitusx Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
Have you considered joining the BT art crew and doing technical drawings for them? I would love to see you're style mechs in new games or books if they ever do a new MW series.
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