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May 24, 2009
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New Horizon Commission - Set 8 by Amuscaria New Horizon Commission - Set 8 by Amuscaria
Another set of commissions for the online RPG "New Horizon". The total number is 20 (the first one on the top-left isn't part of this set, but from an remake of an older set). Took 1 week to draw all 20.

The overall quality of the set came out a bit better than the last one, since I warmed up from drawing the previous stuff.

Characters are scaled approximately.

All Characters (c) :iconlysekoid: and their respective RP-owners.
Art by me.
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Lew-Legend Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I ask how you get your lineart nice and clean like that?
Amuscaria Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Use Ink, although pencil will work ok too as long as your overall picture is clean. I have very clean pictures, which help. Use Raise Brightness and Contrast to make it more clear. thats pretty much it.
Lew-Legend Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. I've found tutorial about using the brightness and contrast before. Your answer is much appreciated.
anime-masuta Featured By Owner May 29, 2009
So freakin cool, look at all of those great characters!!! :jawdrop:

Great job!! :highfive:
ian-stewart Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
Well I’d better offer some real criticisms ‘afore the people who want to hear them *CoughmoonCough* start being a royal pain in my butt. We’ll skip cateye since she’s from a different set.

A friend of mine was over while I was writing requests and became extremely interested in what was going on with New Horizon, so I plopped him on my laptop and had him read up on the site. Torva Corpus was based on a very valid note that the one workman Jotun we had looked like a Constructicon, so he suggested making them similar to the military Jotun, but sans weapons and with the addition of tools. Turned out quite well, this definitely looks like a Jotun version of a military engineer. Love the way the arms look on this.

Ahh yes, Verdi. With all the ‘low’ Medeans, meaning the ones with simple DNA fairly well illustrated, I decided it was time to show some of the fancier ones off. This character is absed heavily off of an existing character named Verdi, and borrows a lot from the original design, however manages to have many stylistic adaptations which make it a solid and aesthetic stand alone design. This is a prime example of a Medean who has made their dream of their self image real. The expression and pose are terrific, as are the layout of the wings.

Gheist is a character I can’t talk too much about, but sufficed to say, this is a job well done. The posture is so cocky and arrogant that it’s absolutely perfect. A tiny bit more armor would have been nice, but the skimpy look is just as great when I think about it. I’m a boy, so huge tracts of land such as these are very persuasive to me.

Meifumado is an example of a Medean whose altered his body for a specific purpose, namely the ability to successfully field a larger degree of weapons. Unlike other Medeans, his designs are Asiatic and not tribal. Eriance did a wonderful job bringing out an almost repulsive insect like feel to this fellow, as well as a wretched arrogance.

Hans Limitt, another character you’ll see soon. This guy simply oozes personality leaned up against that bar. His design has a slight harkening to Mega Man X: Command mission with the sleeves, but it’s most likely my imagination. Not that it matters, Spider was the man, anyhow. Can anyone else other than me imagine his sarcastic comment that “This cola is flatter than my last girlfriend”? But the build, the posture, the expression and body language illustrate this character almost better than words ever could.

Frost is missing a few things, but that’s because I’m a tool and forgot to mention some stuff. However that being said, this design is simply badass. He’s big, he’s beefy, he’s got a very distinctive armor design and the size and shape of his sword indicate it’s an upgraded version of the Dragon Dagger from the first U.S. released season of Power Rangers. The next man to screw with this guy is going to see just what the Dragon Zord is made of. (I kid.) Among all the coat guys in New Horizon, this guy is nosing ahead in the ‘you dumbass, look at my jacket. I’m cooler than you’ department.

Sear is another example of why I need to start providing heights to Eriance, as he looks like a giant, especially next to Kae. This looks like a man who works with his tools and knows what he’s doing, too. That’s perhaps one of the coolest looking workmans vests I’ve ever seen, and he worked the characters signature forehead scar in beautifully.

Kae is, again, wickedly out of proportion due to my craptacular ability to explain height using words and not numbers. However regardless, it’s not too hard to look at her and Sear and imagine their heights reversed. She definitely looks like a Space Cadet made out of spare parts and a pinup model as a reference. I absolutely love the hands on this design, giving her a high five would be tons of fun.

Suen looks deep in thought and contemplative, as well as slightly gender confused. What the hell, he’s an Aesir. As I describe them they’re so identity confused they can barely keep their names straight. (I kid again!) To some degree I can imagine him being horribly tasered by blank and seing that marvelous expression of shock on his face. His design is marvelous simplicity in and of itself.

Howard represents the best New Horizon art ever made. Everything else is a step down. There is nothing here which is not the pinnacle of perfection. That is all.

Zebotzei looks like Kefka slipped into a country brothel for a quick pancake and a roll in the hay and left Zebotzei behind as his twisted progeny, raised on a steady diet of Batman comics and reruns of Trigun and Gun Sword. Some may call this a bad thing. These people are very silly, because this grinning lunatic is almost as awesome as Howard.

Sapphire is another cameo of a character I helped develop, originally an MMX fan character. Here, given a new lease on life as something other than a fan character in a franchise circling the drain except as fodder for bizarre transgender pornography. Sapphire was always vocally admired by men for her large but shapely buttocks. This picture makes it look like she’s finally snapped and is ready to stone cold kill someone if her ass is mentioned one more time. Her boots and overall design remain unique and beautiful just like the original, and her expression is so evil and amusing it made me laugh the first time I saw it.

Carregado isn’t a mad scientist. He’s THE Mad Scientist. This design is what awesome is made of. Can you picture this lunatic building a machine the size of a room which turns out to be an elaborate one cup coffee percolator? Can you picture him asking if it’s alright to dissect you if you die anytime soon? If so you’re doing it right. This whole design reeks of poor artistic taste, and that’s what makes it good. He’s so horrible a cliché it made me laugh so hard I shed a tear when I beheld his beauty. I mean for the love of god, the bubbling test tubes are built into his person. Genius.

As perfect as the others are, I think Louhi is the one I’ve stared at the most. She was supposed to have slightly more boobage and be a bit more muscular, but this is easily forgivable as every other aspect of the design borders on mesmerizing. This is a young woman who always dreamed of being a dragon, and used Medean technology to make it real. The design and the outfit are even more whimsical and perfect of an example of what a human can make of themselves as a Medean than Verdi, though not by much. The best part of the design is that creepy stare, which is so much easier to see in the full sized artwork. What an evil bitch. Well done.

Blank? Two words. Creepy. Good.

Alteri was the product of me telling Eriance to create his own character. A small Medean that strongly resembles Satan with a broken horn. Eriance tells me he owns a Chinese laundry, a Chinese restaurant and an Opium den. Eriance is Chinese, so don’t shoot the messenger. Delightful little monster, especially his ‘illusory emoticon attack’ technique.

Ebelan, if taken as Ebelan, is terrible. That has nothing to do with Eriance, since having read the description did a damned admirable job of following through. Pretending he’s not Ebelan, and some other character, this is quite an awesome design, and it’s easy to see him coming out of the Azuremar Mountains down form the Garden of Zen to adventure, explore, and woo the heart of the delicate and beautiful Fallow. A very badass design in and of itself, especially the stylish belt and lounge pants. (I kid again with the lounge pants.)

The Ghost. Three words. Very Creepy. Excelent.

Light and darkness are the ideas of good and evil taken to absolutely ridiculous degrees, bordering on tasteless. Just as prescribed. Eriance dispensed the dosage as prescribed and produced two very entertaining and over the top designs. The Light somehow manages to look fat due to the bulging of the robes. This is of course because she’s carrying Neros child, who will one day be the savior of New Horizon, so it’s a minor detail Beautiful

I spent the better part of a whole day gawking at all of these like a yokel and tittering like a school girl with the various people I shared these pictures with. The response from inside New Horizon ahs been overwhelming and amazing. I simply can’t visualize New Horizon without Eriances outstanding ability to draw concept art anymore.

But a lot of these go beyond Concept Art, and are in many ways valid as art for the sake of art, and deserving of some color and love that I’ll see to it they get sooner or later. Many of the people who have been recipients have already gone that route.

Now that Eriance has been turned loose on some architecture design as well, now not only the people, but the world itself shall come to life. And I can’t wait to see how well this next venture turns out. God speed to you, you hungry little chinaman, and if we ever meet, I owe you a roasted chicken.
Amuscaria Featured By Owner May 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I drew Ebelan based on te references the Swedish Fish sent me. He said to "5'7", bare chest with armors on the shoulders and arms. And that he was a Olympian human (not cyborg). Also long hair and some long-ass curved sowrd." O_o
ian-stewart Featured By Owner May 27, 2009
Yeah, I know, it's odd. Nothing was wrong with the work you did, it's just that the character Ebelan he's been playing was something entirely different. Because the character is currently being role played, by him, as a Vanir Wafan. No joke.

I wonder if he was having a senior citizen moment? He is a lot older than we are. ;)
luggage Featured By Owner May 25, 2009
Holy crap, that's a lot of great characters in one deviation :D
luggage Featured By Owner May 25, 2009
...mind if I try my hand at coloring a few of them for personal practice?
Amuscaria Featured By Owner May 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Help yourself. :)
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