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New Horizon Commission Set 9 by Amuscaria New Horizon Commission Set 9 by Amuscaria
Completed 9th set of commissions for ~Lysekoid- and *reanimatedfish's New Horizon RPG project. Been over half a year of not drawing people, felt rusty drawing them again.


1. Hubard: Old-OLD character from back in the days when New Horizon was a megaman fan project. Redone in the new style.

2. Selaya: Same as above. Removed the Wings because it made the design look very over done and bloated.

3. Warner: Some psycho Aesir-robot killer with many knives? O_o

4. Mobster: Mafia style mobster with some futuristic looking Thompson SMG.

5. Gland Ghoul: Some dude afflicted with a degenerative disease that require the consumption of raw entrails and sub-zero temperatures to survive.

6. Charonium Berserker: Mass-produced soldiers for the Charonium Brotherhood.

7. Rusty-Star Agent: Renegade army looking to overthrow the local government. Used the same typical space-cowboy style that New Horizon has tons of.

8. Charonium Brother: Religious cult member that uses his wields power over the followers with the staff that radiates body-altering radiation.

9. Fallon: No set is complete with a monster-girl :D. Some unstable drunken bimbo that's out for violence when her blood-alcohol exceeds a certain level. :P

10. Same as 1 and 2, but massively updated and sexified from the semi-chibi design that was the original.

11. Panther Droid: Some white colored Aesir-robot panther. I've never drawn a mammal other than a human before, so didn't really know what I was doing. I still think it looks like a dog. O_o

Extra Produced Material cane be found here:

New Horizon and Characters (c) ~Lysekoid
Characters by *reanimatedfish
Art by me.

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Krigsy Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Student General Artist
Love the design on the upper right, though they all look awesome!
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December 25, 2010
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